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The Lord of the House is a song written by American gospel singer, Edwin Hawkins. The lyrics portray the story of how those who follow God will be blessed with an eternal home in Heaven. There are many interpretations to what this means for Christians today but one thing that remains consistent is that it embodies hope and faith in God’s promises. One interpretation would be that as long as you serve the Lord, your house will prosper and be blessed. This song has been covered by many different artists and is one of the most popular songs in Gospel music. It was originally written for his mother, Daisy Hawkins Caraway as a Christmas gift but it speaks to all Christians that their home will be blessed with God’s grace no matter where they are or what hardships come their way. This song also teaches us to pray and believe because we can rest assured in knowing that our heavenly home awaits us when this world is through. The Lord Of The House lyrics were penned by gospel singer Edwin Hawkins who wanted to give something special to his momma on her birthday which happened on December 25th so he wrote this song from the perspective of a son remembering how much joy she had brought him


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