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The Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring places on earth. It’s a deep, winding gorge that stretches for miles and miles in Arizona, where the Colorado River cuts through layers of rock thousands of feet thick. The canyon was formed by a series of natural processes over millions of years. It holds countless secrets about life on Earth, as well as its formation and history – but it also offers some amazing views! The first part is scenic drives along the South Rim or North Rim: these offer jaw-dropping vistas from points such as El Tovar Hotel (built in 1905), Point Imperial with spectacular panoramic views including Monument Valley to the east; Desert View Watchtower which sits perched atop a hill with views of the Vermillion Cliffs to the west; and Bright Angel Point overlooking one of only two natural springs in the canyon. In addition, there are several Hikes that lead into some incredible wilderness areas. One such hike is Hopi Point Trail which leads you down 500 stairs for a breathtaking view from 800 feet above where it connects to West Rim Drive along Highway 64. The trail then loops back up through ponderosa pine and juniper forests before returning to its starting point at Grand Canyon Village near El Tovar Hotel on South Rim. Another popular hike is Hermit’s Rest (which was built by Fred Harvey Company) as many people enjoy this half-mile walk following Indian Garden Creek around and over tree roots while taking


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