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The price of a product or service has to do with the value that is assigned to it. Some people believe that if something is more expensive, then it must have more value and quality. Environmentalists can see through this fallacy though; they believe prices should be based on true costs and not external factors such as marketing budgets, branding campaigns, company reputation or other promotional materials. Environmentalists believe that pricing should be based on a product’s true cost; the environment, human labour and natural resources used to develop it. A company’s reputation or other promotional materials shouldn’t be taken into account when deciding how much a product costs as they are not part of its real value. People often debate whether prices should reflect quality because high-quality goods are usually more expensive than low-quality ones. This is typically due to the fact that companies spend more money in order to produce higher end products without cutting corners by using cheaper ingredients or developing poorer manufacturing processes which lowers their production costs and allows them to increase profit margins for an item sold at retail price point with no loss in profits (i.e.,


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