mushrooms, moss, wild mushrooms @ Pixabay

Most people have a general idea of what fungus are. They know that mushrooms and toadstools are types of fungi, for example. But how many people really understand the role fungi play in our world? This article is intended to help you learn more about these often overlooked organisms and their surprising abilities. You may not have heard of them, but fungi are a crucial part of the world around us.

mushrooms, toadstools, forest @ Pixabay

For starters, they’re found in most ecosystems on Earth and can grow almost anywhere. They help decompose organic matter so we don’t need to rely solely on bacteria for this important job. Fungi also form symbiotic relationships with plants and trees as mycorrhizae (a type of fungus that lives in soil), which is why some forests still thrive even after an insect destroys their leaves or needle-like branches – without these fungal partners, many types of plant life would cease to exist! Fascinating Facts: __., __.;


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