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You’ve been looking for a while and you’re finally about to make the purchase. You need a new TV, but this time you want to be smart about it. You’ve narrowed your search down to two TVs: one that has more features than the other, and one that is cheaper. What do you do?

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Well, if you are maximizing your consumption utility then you will buy whichever TV gives the most utility per dollar spent (or equal number of utils per dollar). In this blog post we will discuss 10 tips on how to maximize your consumption utility so you can find what’s best for your wallet!

Tip #01: Don’t spend money unless it’s worth more than the price you are paying. Tip #02: Avoid buying something just because someone else has one, or will surely buy one in the future. Tip #03: Do not overbuy on an item that is currently out of stock; wait for when they come back into stock to save some cash! You have nothing to lose by waiting a few days or weeks before going ahead and purchasing what you want if you’re sure about your decision. -..- -..- -..- -..- – .. – .. — ••—— — — — — .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .?


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