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It is important to understand the risks and benefits before enrolling a young child in a research protocol. Young children are more likely to respond differently because their brains are still developing, which could lead to unfavorable results for the research study. In this blog post, we will explore six facts that you should consider before enrolling your child in any type of clinical trial.

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– Young children are not able to understand the risks and benefits of a study. – The results may be different because their brains are still developing. – There is no guarantee that their consent will be given after they turn 18. This can lead to problems in obtaining permission for future procedures, such as organ donation from an adult with early onset disease (EOD). If his or her organs have been used during the trial without agreeing to it beforehand, then these donations cannot happen unless he or she agrees to them after turning 18 years old.

– In addition, certain aspects of law might prohibit surgeries on minors who do not give informed consent when needed for EOD patients if they did not agree before turning 18 years


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