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The world is becoming more and more interconnected each day, with many companies looking to go international. With all the countries in the world to choose from, which two are most popular for expanding into?

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The answer can be found in this blog post! The U.S. is the best choice for companies looking to go international because of its vast market, high demand and close proximity to other countries in North America (the NAFTA region). With a GDP per capita at $54,00 USD – ranked 11th globally on an individual basis- entrepreneurs will have no shortage of customers or suppliers nearby.

Canada also has many advantages for those who choose it as their first country to expand into internationally: it’s stable economy with little chance of conflict; highly educated population with skilled labor force; low corporate tax rates and strong banking system all make this nation very appealing for any entrepreneur wanting more opportunities abroad. We recommend that businesses start by selecting one nation from this list based on convenience or


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