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This article is about artificial ventilation for a 5-year-old child. It talks about when to provide the ventilation, how long it should be provided for and what rate it should be done at. Artificial ventilations are often needed when a patient cannot breathe on their own or has difficulty breathing. The article goes into detail about how to perform these steps if you ever find yourself in this situation.

air conditioner, ac, cool @ Pixabay

My Opinion:

This article provides a lot of information about the science behind artificial ventilations, but it is also clear how to perform this in an emergency. I really appreciated that there was such detailed description on when and why you should provide these steps for a patient.

The best approach would be __ if they were unable to breathe on their own or had trouble breathing because it allows them to keep up with oxygen levels while waiting for medications/treatment. It’s important that we know how long someone needs the ventilation as well-it shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes according to most guidelines which might help reduce complications during recovery from surgery. Finally, providing at least 100 breaths per minute will ensure proper inhalation (inhaling)


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