Articulations permitting only slight degrees of movement are?

Articulations permitting only slight degrees of movement are, in the main, less subject to injury and fatigue than those having a wider range. The best posture for health is that which permits free play of all parts without tension or constraint. The best posture for health is that which permits free play of all parts without tension or constraint.

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-A good sitting position in a chair, with the feet resting on the floor and some part of the body touching each arm of the chair so as to prevent it from tilting backwards. A low back rest helps support this position if desired. (Sitting) -Standing erect with arms hanging at sides naturally, head poised freely upon shoulders, spine straightened but not rigidly stiff; abdomen drawn up against chest; hip bones turned outward so that pelvis balances evenly over two legs slightly apart front and rear.” (Standing) “You can find more knowledge about postures here” “There are 12 types


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