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I am a huge fan of using illustrations and drawings in social media. There are so many creative ways to use them that I thought I would share some of my favourites with you!

In this blog post, we will go over five different types of art to use for your posts as well as the benefits they have.

The first type is icons which can be used to show emotions or reactions. Next up is doodle art which can add personality and fun to an image. Then there’s the ever-popular comic strip style where there are panels and dialogue boxes like traditional comics.

Last but not least are illustrated quotes from famous people (or anonymous) with words overlaid on top which adds a touch of creativity and humour!

Finally, we will take a look at memes that are short and to the point.

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Benefits: using icons in your posts can help show how you feel or what kind of mood you’re in without having to write anything; doodle art can be personalized with text on top, adding personality and fun to an image; comic strips evoke memories from childhood while providing humour for adults too; illustrated quotes allow people all over the world to relate through words overlaid by someone else’s hand; and last but not least, memes provide quick laughs that anyone can read.

Illustrating things is one of my favourite ways to spruce up social media! I hope these tips are helpful!

Implications: People respond better when they engage with something creative.


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