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Art is an explosion of color, imagination, and creativity. It can be interpreted in many different ways and has the power to move people all over the world.

Art is a force that expresses creativity through painting, sculpture, dancing and more!

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The experience of art is different for everyone. What may make someone happy, sad or uncomfortable will be interpreted differently by others, and that�s what makes it so great! It’s not about the artist � it’s about how we react to their work. ��

What does this have to do with advertising?

One way in which advertisers can create a lasting impact on consumers through creativity is through illustration.� This form of visual storytelling has been around since ancient times but continues to evolve as technology advances.�

Brands are able to attract new audiences and promote products using powerful illustrations across all marketing channels including TV, radio, print ads and websites.� The below articles cover some interesting ways brands use the illustrative style in advertising.


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