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What is art?

What does it mean to be an artist?

These are the questions that you might ask if you were walking through a museum and saw some paintings. But what about if you found yourself in front of a painting with no name, no label, nothing to tell us who made it or how old it was? How would we know what this formless piece of work is called?

This blog post will explore these ideas and more as we look at one of the most important pieces of art history: The Mona Lisa.

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Section: What is art? The word “art” has many meanings. It can be used to refer to paintings, sculptures, or other visuals like that of an artist’s work displayed in a gallery.

The term itself can also mean something as simple as “the skilful use of one’s hands,” so it isn’t always necessary for the creation to have form and shape.

However, there are some basic definitions that may help you understand better what we’re talking about when we say art (though these vary from person to person).

For example, artists often do not set out with any predetermined idea of what their artwork should look like before they start working on it; instead, they let go and allow themselves the freedom.


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