kidnapping, kidnap, crime @ Pixabay

Season 2 of Stranger Things was by far the best season yet! Now that it’s over, we want to know what happened next.

What is going on with Eleven?

Will Hopper and Joyce get back together?

Is Steve still in love with Nancy?

There are so many questions left unanswered. In this post, we’ll explore some possible storylines for Season 3 based on hints from Season 2.

kidnapping, kidnap, crime @ Pixabay

First of all, we want to know what happened with Eleven. She was kidnapped by people in the lab who are trying to take her back and she needs our help!

There’s a rumour that Hopper is looking for this guy named Brenner which could be the same person from part one of Stranger Things.

We also learned that there were other kids at Hawkins Lab when Elle escaped so they should probably stop whatever experiment they’re doing on them too..or else!

Secondly, can someone please get Joyce out of jail? I loved seeing her character evolve last season and now it seems like she might never go home again. Hopefully, Will gets his act together before Joyce does anything crazy. And most importantly – where’s Steve?!


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