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Gram staining is a procedure used to identify bacteria. It stains the bacterial cells purple or pink, while other cell types remain white under the microscope.

In this blog post, we will explain how gram staining works and provide an easy step by step guide on how to do it!

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Gram Staining Procedure Steps Steps:

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Use a culture swab to take samples from the patient, then put them on an agar plate.

Wait for bacterial colonies to grow and form visible clumps of cells, typically overnight. (optional)

Wash the bacteria off with water or alcohol so they’re not stuck together anymore. Mix a drop of crystal violet stain into 70% ethanol in a petri dish before blotting it onto another clean petri dish lined with filter paper underneath it.

The crystal violet should stick mostly to the individual cells rather than coming out evenly across both dishes; this is normal! Add one drop more at first if you need to until there’s just enough coverage.


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