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The armed citizen tried to shoot a black man who was on his property. The man, who has not been identified, had no weapon and did not pose an immediate threat. When the police arrived at the scene they arrested both men for disorderly conduct.

Both were released after spending four hours in custody and agreeing to appear before a judge at their earliest convenience, which is often just days or weeks later.

Neither of them is facing any charges other than that single misdemeanour offence of disorderly conduct as it is still illegal under federal law for anyone with a concealed carry license to open fire inside city limits without first establishing some credible evidence of imminent danger against themselves or others (which again neither person here possessed) nor do either have any criminal convictions whatsoever.

The man who had the gun, however, does have a concealed carry license. This is not surprising for an area of Virginia that has some very rural areas and where hunting rifles are common and legal.

The other guy also told police he did in fact work at the grocery store so he was there to buy food on his lunch break like any normal person would be expected to do. Continue Writing Next Sentence: __? 

This incident highlights how easy it can be for those with guns to perceive black men as threats. Too often they will shoot first and ask questions later without even realizing what role race plays.


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