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Trying to find your spotter in ARMA 3? Want to know how to get out of bounds in the game? If you’re looking for help with either of these issues, then look no further!

This article will provide a complete guide on both topics. We’ll also discuss some other things, like what type of graphics card you should have and how much RAM you need.

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Going to the top of a mountain:

The best way to go out of bounds in ARMA is by going up. If you’re trying to escape from enemies, it’s best not to take any ladders or stairs. Instead, make your way around the side of buildings and houses until you find an opening on the roof that leads into an open space with no walls blocking your path.

Once there, climb onto one building then jump over two other buildings before climbing back down again. You’ll now have escaped!

A few tips for this method are as follows: 

Be mindful so that not too much time passes between jumps otherwise,

Things can get weird;

Try crouching when jumping because sometimes you may need more distance than what seems reasonable; 


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