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In the world of Minecraft, obsidian is one of the most coveted materials. There are five locations in which you can mine this material for use in making tools and other items that will help you to survive.

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The first location is near spawn point on a floating island.

The second location is called “Obsidian Mountain” and it’s found at coordinates x-80, z-150.

The third location is called “The Nether,” where it’s found at coordinates y-60, zS0 with lava all around it.

The fourth location is called “Flower Forest” and is found at coordinates x-300, z-700 with lots of flowers everywhere!

And lastly, the fifth place to find obsidian is called “Cactus Valley” and it’s found at coordinates x-520, z-440.

Top five locations to mine obsidian:

A) Near spawn point on a floating island

B) Obsidian Mountain (x=80,z=150)

C) The Nether with lava all around it (y=-60, z=0)

D) Flower Forest (x = -300,z = 700; lots of flowers!)

E ) Cactus valley (-520,-440).

Please note that the images in this blog post were taken from Google Images and are not my own work!** 🙂 Have fun mining for your precious obsidian blocks! **I hope you enjoy reading.


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