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In the opening to “Where Does Griffin Hold Baggage?” by William Carlos Williams, we learn that griffin is carrying a suitcase. The narrative begins with this line: We see in lines five and six that griffin’s arm holds onto an object which he cannot see himself.

This leads us to believe his arm is holding something heavy because it appears strained. In line seven, we are told what griffin carries on his back- a suitcase of some sort. The text tells us that griffin carries his burdens with him.

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This could represent how we sometimes carry baggage, even if it is not on our backs or in a suitcase. There are some heavy themes here; the idea of carrying something for someone else and feeling as though you have to deal with your own problems alone.

I think this theme relates back to Williams’ other poem “This Is Just To Say,” where he talks about being too afraid to tell the woman who made him feel loved what was really going on inside of himself because she might reject him.

In relation to this, line four reminds me of William’s idea that there are moments when people can be called upon by others.


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