snail, cute, close up @ Pixabay

Snails are known for eating plants, but what do they really eat?

In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of snail-eating. We’ll talk about how snails get their food, what they can eat, and where they find it. Snail owners will also learn some great tips on feeding their pets!

strawberry, snail, eat @ Pixabay

Snails may be slimy but they are actually surprisingly clean creatures. They use their long, sticky tongue to search for food and then push it into the mouth with a small organ called the cecum that acts as an “extra stomach” to digest it before moving on to the intestines where nutrients become absorbed in the body.

Snails can also eat by sucking up liquid from plants or damp soil through their mantle which is like a mucous membrane lining of the skin. One study found that snails could extract enough water from dry leaves alone!

What do snails eat? There’s no one answer because there are so many types of snails out there. Some prefer eating algae while others enjoy more meat-based diets.


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