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No one likes to have leeches around their house. These slimy, blood-sucking creatures are a nuisance and can be harmful too!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to get rid of these pests for good by using some simple methods that you may not know about.

Read on for the best way to get rid of leeches in your home or garden. In order to get rid of leeches, you need to understand where they come from.

There are two main types:


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Blood-suckers lay in wait for a passing host and then latch on when one is spotted. These creatures can be found near water sources such as ponds or lakes.

Burrowers live underground and emerge at night time to feed off the unsuspecting prey that crosses their path during this period of darkness.

The best way to remove these pests from your property would be by using traps that work well with both kinds of leeches! All you have to do is find an area near the water source (for instance, under bushes) that will allow it to make its shelter snug


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