There were rumors that Ariana Grande had posted the photo to Instagram, but that she had since deleted it. Ariana Grande’s pregnancy polaroid has a handwritten heart superimposed over it. Users of the internet will likely spread the photo since they will not suspect that it is fake because of how real it appears. The picture looks convincing enough to pass around on the internet without users suspecting its falsehood. Grande fans have been posting such pictures and videos for a long time, showcasing how the singer will look when she “eventually” gets pregnant. Since she met and fell in love with real estate agent Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande has been living in a real-life fairytale.

Ariana Grande married Dalton Gomez, a luxury real estate agent who proposed in 2020. Ariana Grande has had a number of public romances, but her relationship and subsequent marriage with luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez have been notably low-profile. The speculations that Grande, then 28 years old, is expecting her first child began circulating in January 2022. An photograph of the star, which appeared to reveal a baby bump, began circulating online, sparking the suspicions. For now, you can assume that any rumors of a pregnancy from Ariana are false.

Ariana and her husband Dalton Gomez, whom she wed in 2021, appear to be spending a lot of time together. Despite the fabrication of the pregnancy photos, Ariana has been extremely active on social media and has shared several images with her fans. Ariana seems to be enjoying quality time with her husband, Dalton Gomez, who she married in 2021. While the pictures of Ariana being pregnant are fake, the singer has been quite active on social media and sharing some pictures with her followers.

A photo showing the singer with a baby bump, that appears to be edited, has been circulating and circulating plenty of rumors and speculation. Ariana has surprised her fans when the actress-singer had secretly married. From the beginning of January 2022, the rumor started getting promoted that 28-year-old Ariana is pregnant and is preparing to give birth to her first child. The singer made her new relationship public at the time in the “Stuck With U” music video, which featured the couple dancing in her bedroom and kissing. They were married five months after the couple announced their engagement in December 2020 at Grande’s estate in Montecito, California.

The rumors began after an image of the star started circulating the internet, appearing to show a baby bump. In the first, Ariana is seen seated and caressing her digitally enhanced baby belly. The singer can be seen in the second image gazing down at her stomach while sporting a black shirt. Rumours that Ariana Grande is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Dalton Gomez began to circulate online shortly after the couple married in a secret wedding ceremony last year. However, we have finally learned exclusively that the pregnancy rumours of Ariana Grande are false. The happy couple got engaged in December 2020 after less than a year of dating and the real estate agent, 25, gave the pop star, 27, an impressive diamond to commemorate their deep love.

Per an October 2021 report byThe Hollywood Reporter, movie production started in June 2022 in the U.K. This isn’t the first time in recent history that something like this has happened as rumors about Grande and her new hubby, Dalton Gomez, being pregnant have been floating around. Katy Williams is an ambitious individual who is always looking to learn and grow. She has been a content writer for 2 years and loves to cultivate connections with her co-workers, as well as maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

Kissed is a joke in which people spread fake news that sounds real and then post a video of Kris Jenner dancing. You might be surprised to learn that this is not the first time her photos have been changed and posted on social media. Fans used these photos to join the “Krissed” trend that was popular on the platform in the past.

Opinions on social media concerning the rumors surrounding Ariana Grande were mixed. Still could obviously see through the posts while others believed in it, and some others were uncertain about whether they should trust the source. Rumors about the star’s pregnancy emerged after a picture of her appeared to indicate a baby bump on the internet. Rumors started circulating in January 2022 that Grande, 28, was expecting her first child. Since then, reports have surfaced that the Ariana viral photos were doctored. By 2018, the actress had admitted, “People want to see me pregnant.” There is no truth to the rumor that Ariana is pregnant.