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The world lost a legendary singer when Aretha Franklin died on August 16th, 2018. She was an American icon and through her voice she told the stories of black America. Her music touched people across generations and backgrounds, and those who heard her could feel her soul. It is only fitting that we take some time to remember the unforgettable legacy of Ms. Franklin as we reflect on what she meant for us all- listeners or performers alike- in our lives.

This post will explore just how much influence Ms. Franklin had in the lives of so many people around the globe, from adoring fans to fellow musicians who sought inspiration from her sublime artistry.” “Now she’s gone. And we mourn her,” said Stevie Wonder in his tribute to Ms. Franklin at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, where he also performed a rendition of “As.”

fantasy, light, mood @ Pixabay

For those who never got an opportunity to see her live or know what it feels like for their skin to shiver when they hear that voice sing, here are some moments from over the years that give us a glimpse into why so many love and admired Aretha Franklin: The Voice was born on March 25th, 1942 in Memphis Tennessee as one of four children including two sisters (Erma and Carolyn) and one brother (Edward). In 1956 she dropped out of school at age 14 with no intention of returning.


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