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Nilu was a curious little girl. She always wanted to go where she wasn’t supposed to, and no one could keep her from it. One day, her mother had enough of Nilu’s curiosity and sent the poor child up into the sky on a balloon! What would happen if you were in Nilu’s shoes?

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Would you try to escape like Nilu did when your parents told you not to do something?

Learn more about this story with “Are You With Me, Nilu?” Are You With Me, Nilu? | Are you with me nilu, The Story of Nilu the Curious Child is a heartwarming tale about a young girl who never listens to her mother. One day she climbs up on the roof and falls off when her parents are not looking. When they find out what happened and scold their daughter for being so reckless, Nilu thinks that it’s unfair because there were no consequences for children climbing on roofs at all before this incident. Her curiosity makes them think otherwise! Nilu was always getting into trouble in one way or another: She climbed trees without permission; played outside after bedtime; got dirty from playing outside by rolling around in mud puddles.


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