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I’m not going to lie, I was really disappointed when the first single off of “Are You With Me?” came out. It was a song that had been played on repeat for months and it didn’t seem like anything new or different from their previous work. But then something happened: they released the lyrics video and my opinion completely changed. The music video is so well put together and has an amazing message behind it.

They are telling people that you don’t have to be alone in life because there is always someone who will support you no matter what! Keyword used: Nilu What is Nilu? Nilüfer Yalçınkaya, known professionally as niluferYALÇINKAYA (born 30 September 1978), better known by the mononym Nilufer, is a Turkish pop singer.

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She has released four studio albums and one EP to date in Turkey. Her second album “Dön” sold over 150 thousand copies within two months of its release in 2003. In 2010 she won the European Border Breakers Awards for her international success with this third album called “Adsila”. A year later she won the same award once again thanks to her fourth studio album titled “Sensiz Olmaz Ki”.


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