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I’m sorry to break it to you, but being nice is overrated. I know that’s a lot of people’s go-to strategy when they’re trying to deal with difficult situations, but there are a few reasons why it might be time for you to reconsider your approach. We’ve all heard the phrase “nice guys finish last,” and while that may not always be true, sometimes being mean can have its benefits – both in business and in life.

It’s okay to be mean if you’re being nice, too. It can give your customers a sense of confidence that they need when dealing with customer service reps and it shows the person on the other side of the call what kind of attitude you have about their business.

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Being rude or crass may not always get results, but sometimes it will – especially when the company in question is known for terrible customer service anyway. A few things to keep in mind: *Don’t go overboard* If all you do is swear at people who are just trying to help out because they don’t know how else to deal with an angry client then there’s no point. You’ll only make yourself look worse than whoever was messing up before you


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