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It’s time for the final episode of this season! Who is going to win? The last couple standing will be revealed, and we’ll all find out if America has chosen correctly. In the finale, there are plenty of surprises in store: one bachelor or bachelorette gets dumped before they can walk down the aisle. But who could it be?

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Tune in tonight to find out! The episode starts with the ladies, studs and bachelors arriving at the island. I thought that each of them looked so nervous but excited to get started on this journey together. It was great seeing how much everyone wanted this. As soon as they got there we were introduced to our host for tonight’s reunion show: Bobby Giancola from Jersey Shore!

If you don’t know who he is then I’m sorry because your life sucks.. Anyway, it’s now time for a quick recap of what happened in last night’s finale before getting into all these reunions during today’s two-hour special episode! Spoiler Alert: Donny proposes to Ashley after she says yes – Yayy!!


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