However, memorizing the definitions of terms will only get you so far. You’ll also need to understand how they relate to one another and to the four themes listed above. To get these points, you must analyze specific data given to you.

The primary structure of an enzyme is the sequence of amino acids linked by peptide bonds in a linear chain. The resulting amino acid is called a polypeptide or protein. Without the primary structure, secondary and tertiary structure wouldn’t occur.

Two long-response questions, both with a focus on analyzing experimental results. The second long question 3 dot triangle meaning will require you to create a graph. Practice questions to help you check your progress for AP Bio Unit 7.

Read more about the College Board’s academic integrity policy. Outlines, diagrams, or bulleted lists alone are not acceptable in the section. Therefore, make sure to write complete sentences and paragraphs if you want your answers to be scored.

Long questions are worth 8-10 points each, whereas short-answer questions are worth 4 points each. Note that the second long question will require you to graph something as well. Students should use the process of elimination when answering this question. D is wrong because the question states that the seeds are all from the same species.

You might have forgotten about the labs you did toward the beginning of the year, so take extra care to go over them. Make sure that you understand exactly how they were conducted and what the results mean. To earn this point, you must represent biological relationships in a model. For this problem, you would need to simply fill in the blanks in the template.

First things first, always take out time for studying and preparing daily for the AP Biology exam. Even if your study time is a few minutes to an hour a day for the subject, be consistent with it. When you study every day, you are sure to get done with the concepts by the time your APs arrive in May. Directions for the free response section clearly state that “outlines, bulleted lists, or diagrams alone are not acceptable and will not be scored”.

Set up a weekly study plan so that you can internalize the vocab, processes, and question organization. This is a more complicated question because you have to think critically about what a third week of this experiment would look like. Getting this correct requires the test-taker to understand light energy conversion. Because the yellow leaves have less chlorophyll , they are unable to photosynthesize. To find your final score, you multiply your multiple choice score by 1.03, your long-answer score by 1.5, and your short-answer score by 1.43.