Likewise, you can enter ‘iphone 11..14‘ to search for every model including everything. Massively grow any business with digital marketing SOPs. For example, you might use this if you’re looking for vacation ideas but want to avoid a specific destination. Smartphones have made it possible for anyone with an internet connection to look for information with a simple type on the search box. Is necessary across documents, the two secondary phrases need to be grouped into a single unit with parentheses.

Though all keywords in the higher price brackets should be considered as possible landing spots, they warrant extra attention. If you do not see enough conversions from your ad campaign, consider removing or limiting your exposure to that term. Including positive keywords in your advertisements is a way to make your product appear when people are searching for it. Exclamation points should by all means be avoided as they cause a product to only be listed if a search query exactly matches the queried phrase. If you want to find results that use a very specific phrase, surround your search term in quotation marks to tell Google you only want to see results that use that exact phrase. For example, if you select the Similar option on the search result for Mailchimp’s homepage, Google will send you to a list of search results for tools like Mailchimp.

If you want to see the weather forecast for an area you’re not currently located in, type weather . Get the time the sun will rise or set in your area by entering sunrise or sunset. You can also add a city name to your search to get the sunrise and sunset times for a different city. Or type “currency converter” to populate a converter in the search results that lists dozens of convertible currencies. Conversely, you can search for “unit converter” to populate a conversion calculator in Google’s search results. Then, use the dropdown box to select the type of data you’re converting.

You can also click the boxes with currency signs next to them and type in a minimum or maximum price to set a custom price range. While it may sound simple, sometimes you may not easily find the product you want. You want to filter the right words to avoid going through a long search process for a product. You can use the minus sign (-) in front of the terms you want to exclude from the search results. If you notice this for every keyword, there are probably some problems with your product page, shipping rates, and reviews. But, on the other hand, if it is just one word, this indicates a problem with relevance or target audience.

And yes, I’ve filtered out some of the more embarrassing ones. Depending on where you are, you might also see an option to search local Google in English, which is handy when you’re traveling to places where English isn’t the primary language. If you find yourself searching for the same thing over and over again, you can create shortcut keys in Chrome to trigger that search with only a few keystrokes. If you don’t know what your IP address is, search for IP address, and Google will reveal your public IP address. And add in after a foreign language word to have Google translate that word into a language you understand. You can search for time in to see what time it is in another city right now, or you can search for to time to see the time difference between where you live and somewhere else.

Philip is the Security Editor for MUO, and has worked here since 2014. He’s been a freelance writer since 2012, having trained for an FdA in Professional Writing. He’s written and edited numerous books, and can usually be found reading comics while listening to The Killers. Beyond paperbacks, hardcovers, and ebooks, you can further choose formats, including CDs, releases through Audible, and PDFs.

For example, “running shoes”, if you’re bidding on the keyword “shoe” for a fancy pair of leather brogues. This is not very scientific, but should be your first strategy. In this instance, you would want to exclude the phrase “pink tennis shoes” from triggering pop tarts divorce papers the ads for the sneakers without a pink option. But you would want to retain ad bids for that term for shoes that are pink. Many times, when you search for something on Google, you’ll get a mix of relevant and completely irrelevant results.

The page displays all resources of the selected resource type. You can exclude a word from your search by putting a minus sign (“-“) in front of the term you want to exclude. Make sure you include a space before the minus sign; otherwise, it won’t work. With those words excluded, you get a refined list of websites with the industrial steel drums you want. Use the minus (-) sign to remove multiple words from any search result.