As the sun sets, helmet lights are turned on, and your ultimate adventure begins. You don’t want to miss out on this FREE after-hours does monmouth university require sat zipline experience. The ultimate goal of any zipline activity should be to provide users with safety first, and then fun.

In addition to deliveries of medication, vaccine supplies, and blood, Zipline will support all health facilities with emergency response capabilities. For some facilities, Zipline will be the sole supplier, creating efficiencies in the system. In this problem the length of a zip line is considered equal to the number of trees that form this zip-line. Vasya has decided to build a zip-line on trees of a nearby forest. He wants the line to be as long as possible but he doesn’t remember exactly the heights of all trees in the forest.

The Combo course begins with two 300 foot ziplines on the Woods Course. After a quick walk, you will embark on 2 zips traversing a 150 ft deep canyon. Your guides will then hook you up to the second longest zip of the day. Make sure to take in the views of the forest below as you land on the platform 1500 ft away. After finishing theWoodsCourse, you will have a minute hike to reach the sixth zipline and enter theFins Course. You are only one zip away from the iconic rope bridges.

This tour allows you to see these majestic rock formations from various angles as you ride along the paved road around the park. Our guides will inform you of the history of Garden of The Gods and provide background on Colorado Springs. But, your guides will give you instructions on how to make your way to the entrance of the park and back to the Broadmoor. You will have a short hike and walk down the 224 steps in front of the Seven Falls. To finish an exciting couple hours in the mountains, you will get to enjoy the Seven Falls park and restaurant 1858 at your leisure. When you are finished, make your way to the entrance of the park to catch a shuttle back to the Broadmoor.

Complete UW’s IRB 101 Online Tutorial and make sure to save your training certificate. When you fill out your Zipline application, upload your training certificate to the Local Site Documents page. See the IRB 101 landing page for more information about this requirement.