That’s because Google wants to avoid any liability from allowing advertisers to influence or pressure policy team members about their decisions. But if you’re selling products through your website and you want to use Google Shopping and/or Dynamic Remarketing campaigns, you need a Google Merchant Center. That’s one reason why ecommerce platform Shopify’s stock exploded in 2020.

Analyze your website’s components to determine which part of your product listings are violating the policies of Google. At the same time, you should work on which steps to take to further correct the problems. Immediately submit an appeal without carefully review Google’s accusation. Manipulate ads content by misspelling prohibited words to get away with ad disapproval.

A warning email with further information and instructions on how to fix the issues. During this time your commodities will continue to display in Shopping ads. You can also see the warning on the Diagnostics page of your Google Merchant Center account.

Those without data UPIs in your ad groups will get higher priority. When it’s completed, you will receive an email notification. Select the “Account issues” tab and navigate to the account-level issue you want Google to review. You can get a PO Box or what’s called a virtual address. This is where you pay for a service that lets you rent a physical address for a cheap price.

When a review is complete, you receive an email notification. If you don’t have a refund policy on your Shopify store, then you need to create one. Ensure you have excluded any products from your feed that aren’t allowed in specific countries as laid out in Google Shopping policies. If you have a suspended Google Shopping product, shqip anglisht it could be due to conflicts with Google’s misrepresentation policy. Google will warn you that your Google Shopping ad performance is being affected and that if these issues persist, your product or account could be suspended. This includes adult- or gambling-oriented content and prohibited products such as alcoholic beverages.

Simply put, these are products they feel are concealing information. Shopping ads excluded countries attribute to exclude products from feeds allocated to specific countries. They send you a warning if they notice a change on your store site, and usually give you a week to fix issues before suspending your account altogether. I can’t begin to express the feeling of relief and fulfillment when you receive an email from Google that your Google Merchant Center account has been unsuspended.

We’ve typically seen that it takes Google around three days to complete the crawl, so this is not a great long-term solution if your product data changes frequently. If the details on your website don’t match the data in your product feed for too many of your items, your account can get suspended. Google says, “To protect your customers, you’ll need a secure checkout process that is protected with a valid SSL certificate. You may need to find a company that can help you with penetration testing.

If you are looking for an expert to fix google merchant center account suspension and misrepresentation issues quickly, then you are in the right place. Misrepresentation issue is not a big issue for google merchant center. I will fix merchant center suspension and all types of error issues. And also I will set up google shopping ads and upload product feed to your google merchant center to increase your sales for your eCommerce store . If you are having trouble updating the prices or availability, or cannot export a dynamic data feed, you can turn on Automatic Item Updates in the Merchant Center. Beware that this will cause Google to recrawl your website.