She had gathered strength to send out a powerful Force shock, to throw her attackers off her briefly, and disappeared. Telekinesis is a power with which a Force-user can manipulate and alter reality around them with the power of the mind. “You couldn’t have. She is ancient, and powerful, and dangerous. Very dangerous.” Telepathy is a power with which a Force-user can influence and manipulate the minds and thoughts of others.

She then morphed back into her true form, and prepared to unleash a wave of dark side energy, but seemed to die halfway through. All of the beings who had been affected by her influence were instantly freed, and the Skywalkers and three Sith—Khai, Khai’s father, Gavar, and High Lord Sarasu Taalon—remained behind to investigate more into Abeloth. However, they soon discovered that she had somehow switched bodies with what is the difference between dro and weed Stadd, and was thus not dead. The afflicted Jedi, as a result of this, gained access to many new Force powers. Once the influenced being found her, she consumed their life energy, killing them and making herself stronger. The strength of her influence was formidable—even when the Jedi learned what symptoms to look for, upon the onset of the psychosis they still believed that everyone they knew was an impostor.

Abeloth took the form of a humanoid female of indetermined species and befriended the Sith strike team, claiming to be a refugee who had been stranded on the planet for the last thirty years. However, all the while, she secretly sabotaged the Sith’s efforts to escape. She used them to attack the Sith, including the team’s leader, Lady Olaris Rhea, who survived with the help of her apprentice, Vestara Khai.

Abeloth, the Bringer of Chaos is too much in her current form, but to reduce her takes away what makes her so effective in the books. Abeloth was contained, but her power was such that whenever the galactic timeline was shifted she could break free, forcing the Daughter and Son to hunt her down and capture her anew. Their control over her was shaky at best and she remained a permanent threat to the galaxy. According to the novels from the Expanded Universe, Abeloth started her life as a mortal woman who lived with the three Force-wielders known as The Ones. If you’re not familiar with all the powerful beings roaming the galaxy in Legends, but you still have decent geek credentials, you might think at first that Abeloth is a creature. But don’t confuse it with aboleth, which is an aquatic creature from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual.

Force Flight was an ability that enabled a Force user to levitate, glide, or potentially even fly across distances. “The static resulted from an energy flash that traveled along this route, temporarily blinding sensors,” Reige’s aide explained. “At the time, the reconnaissance officers attributed it to a solar flare and didn’t worry about it.” “All I can say is that whoever’s out there, they are strong in the Force. Very strong.” Tahiri hesitated, her eyes fixed on the bridge display as the image returned to normal.

According to the Thuruht Histories, the Gree species came to her planet during one of her escapes to sacrifice an unknown saurian species to Abeloth. But as the years went by, the Mother began to age while her family remained ageless. In her old age, she could no longer control the Son and Daughter’s rivalry, and she began to fear that her family would abandon her. So to hold onto the life she had, the Mother decided to commit the Forbidden.

It was an effort to lift his head, to push himself off from the floor, and the muscles quivered from that simple strain. “Exactly. But this oneÿ…” She fell silent as the hologram changed scales to depict the inner cordon of the blockade, and then she turned to face Jag. “This one is very powerful. Even Grand Master Skywalker isn’t strong enough to blind a picket boat’s sensors at those kinds of ranges.” The static circle continued to expand for a couple of moments, then quickly began to shrink and elongate in the direction opposite Exodo II’s spin. Within three seconds-about three-quarters of a standard real-time hour-the circle had narrowed into a short, slender band that was traveling around the planet toward the task force.

Without revealing her true identity as Abeloth, she then threatened Workan—who was masquerading as Senator Kameron Suldar—to stay out of her way, and suggested that she knew his secret. Soon afterward, Vol arrived on Coruscant and attempted to assassinate Kem—Workan had told him that Kem was the only thing standing in the way of the Sith taking control of the government. However, Abeloth defeated Vol and subsequently called Workan, showing him Vol’s decapitated head and ordering that he meet with her the next day. “She is ancient, and powerful, and dangerous. Very dangerous. But you’re on to her now. She is never what she appears. Remember that.”

Abeloth spun Tahiri around, and she found herself looking into a monstrous face-a face so consumed by Force energy it barely looked human. What little flesh remained had turned as gray as ash, and it was peeling away in flakes the size of thumbnails. The nose had collapsed into open cavities, and the lips had withered into brown strips that looked like they might fall off any moment. Abeloth is an incredibly powerful and prodigious Force wielder, and is as a result, a greater opponent than the Lost Tribe of the Sith. With all that in mind, it’s a clever theory that could ultimately work to assimilate forgotten Star Wars lore with current continuity. While Lucasfilm has said there would not be a movie based on The High Republic books, it’s always possible to introduce Abeloth in live-action in future Star Wars projects.