This big-bore rifle’s rounds are similar in size to 20mm anti-aircraft rounds and weigh around half a pound each. However, the.950 JDJ was still able to qualify for the “sporting usage exception” under BATFE regulations, which meant that the ammunition is not a destructive device. Even though there was no paperwork needed to purchase these, the rounds are expensive and could have a negative impact on a bank account. The fact that it could be impossible to even look for the ammunition today could be a bigger problem. Each round for this big-bore rifle weighs in at around half a pound, and it is similar in size to a 20mm anti-aircraft round. And yet, the .950 JDJ still managed to fall with under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives “sporting use exception,” which meant the ammunition isn’t a destructive device.

The weapon’s sheer size and power make it impractical for hunting, so don’t expect to see this monster anywhere besides the range. When the biggest existing caliber is not big enough, you have to make your own—and that’s exactly what J.D. He created instacart expands online rivals a record-breaking .950-caliber cartridge with bullets weighing about eight ounces apiece. Big game hunters will still want to make sure that every shot counts at $12 per bullet, but anyone going on safari isn’t likely to be on a tight budget.

However, while these didn’t require paperwork to buy, the rounds are costly and could be destructive to a bank account. A single .950 JDJ round was priced at around $40 and that was back in 2012, and prices have only gone up. A bigger issue could be that even trying to find the ammunition today could be a Herculean task to say the least. Even the .50 BMG, which has a kinetic energy of around 13,000–15,000 foot-pounds force (18,000–20,000 joules) delivers less than half the energy. The ballistics of the .950 JDJ are more similar to that of the 20 mm autocannon round, which delivers approximately 39,500 foot-pounds force . The muzzle energy of the .950 JDJ is comparable to the kinetic energy of a 2,800 pounds automobile traveling at 20 miles per hour .

Given that 9mm is already well over $1 per round, the Federal Premium Safari.470 Nitro Express 500 grain might also look as a good deal at just $10.70 per round. Not every pricey shot will set you back more than dinner at a family restaurant; in fact, a box of ten can be purchased for just $124. You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and awareness of the California Privacy Rights. Law enforcement officers today have a wide selection of incredibly powerful tactical flashlights.

Manufactured by SSK Industries, this enormous rifle pushes the envelope in size, raw power, and rarity. This rifle is designed to fire a cartridge based on the 20x110mm Vulcan Cannon cartridge, shortened, and necked up to match a .950 caliber (24.1mm) cast lead bullet. Jones of SSK industries, they had to receive a “Sporting Use Exception” from the ATF to deregulate the rifles.

Okay the FN SCAR and S.A.SOCOM 16 CQB use a 7.62 x 51 but it is still cheaper than the rest of the bunch. While that should help take down big game, the shooter still has to make the shot – and at nearly $11 each, most shooters won’t want to have to fire twice. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Austrian company Pfeifer Waffen handmade this 13-pound revolver especially for a Swiss client, and it will make you one too—for about $17,000. The bullets are about six times the size of a standard 9-millimeter round, but the weight of the gun makes the recoil manageable. The Tsar Cannon was cast in bronze in 1586 and weighs 40 tons. Its 35-inch bore could fire about 1,800 pounds of stone grapeshot, earning it the nickname, “the Russian Shotgun.” It was never fired in anger and seems to have been intended mainly for display.