Not only do they typically come with a high ABV, but they’re also usually just as strong in flavor. It’s malt-forward with a bready, brown sugar-like backbone, complemented by a bold assortment of spices. Cardamom and clove make for a unique flavor profile that beers made strictly with cinnamon and nutmeg don’t have. Winter is undoubtedly the best time of year to drink dark beer.

If you find these bottles in stock, grab them quickly. They usually sell out around the Halloween season faster than the brewery can produce them. You may think that pumpkin beer is a recent invention of the craft beer scene, but the flavored brew is actually as American as apple pie. As early as the 17th century, American settlers were brewing pumpkin beers.

If you prefer stouts to porters and brown ales, look no further than Elysian’s black-as-night offering below. Something about drinking an orange beer just makes you think of fall. That’s why we love the cloudy, golden color of the Kern River Pumpkin Ale. In addition to being pitch-perfect in terms of hue, this beer also boasts notes of all the best flavors of the season.

Get sales-driving data and insights in your inbox every week. When it came time to craft their Haunted Hayride Pumpkin Ale , the GABF medal winners at Masthead had to think outside of the gourd. These Irish beer brands are some of the best examples of centuries-old brewing traditions, and they’re available for purchase in the United States. But for all its powerful traits, which include gourd-like tastes and scents, Simpson says it’s “dangerously drinkable”—meaning its clean taste could make you lose track of its high alcohol content.

That I am in good health and have no physical condition that would or should prevent me from participating in the Event. OG, FG, IBUs, SRM and ABV will vary depending on the underlying base beer. ABV is [pii_email_e188285bdb71eb7570eb] generally above 5%, and most examples are somewhat amber-copper in color. Minimum order 12 x 473ml cans or 3 x 355ml 6-packs. Be the first to know about events, releases, giveaways and exclusive offers.

It boasts a pumpkin malt flavor with pumpkin pie spices mixed in. The color of the brew is copper orange with a tan head, making it ideal for pairing with a thick sweater and falling leaves. The fastest-growing brands for seasonal beers in 2021 to date are Cisco Brewers, Thirsty Dog, Hardywood, Bale Breaker, and Avery Brewing Company. These are the ones to watch if they release fall seasonals this year, Paquette says.

Soon enough, fall will give way to winter and the last remnants of pumpkin spice will fade as everyone swaps out the spice for peppermint. Blue Moon is one of the bigger brands to venture into the pumpkin patch, and they nailed it with this Harvest beer. The taste profile is a nice balance between sweet and spicy with some cinnamon to boot. Enjoy it out of a nice sniffer or goblet to get all the autumnal scents.

Thanks to the addition of lactose, the beer also has a creamy mouthfeel, just like a latte. It’s impeccably balanced, roasty and chocolatey, yet still almost juicy with the flavor of our favorite gourd. If you don’t mind sweet beer that tastes like Thanksgiving dessert, look no further than this 5.5 percent ABV pumpkin beer from O’Fallon Brewery. The ingenious addition of cold-pressed Madagascar bourbon vanilla turns the brewery’s O.G. Pumpkin ale into something spectacular, like a pumpkin beer ice cream float.

Brooke Caison, our food editor, loves it for its toast-y flavor. “It’s still refreshing even with the warm spices,” she said. “It’s also not super strong so you can have a few without feeling too sloshed.” A straight-forward, no-frill pumpkin beer from California. It’s the same legendary pumpkin beer, crammed into a 16-ounce can via nitro technology.