Today, choosing a career pathway has become more challenging than ever. Not only because the job market is saturated but also due to a plethora of choices available. Parents want their offspring to become doctors or engineers since it is one of the most stable careers. On the other hand, friends might suggest finding your inner self, traveling, or maybe pursuing music. With all these suggestions, it is relatively easy to lose sight of your goals and ambitions. 

So, what career pathway suits your interests? Truthfully, most students don’t know at this point. And eventually, they end up making the wrong choices. Lately, pursuing a business degree has been the safest option. You can practically look in any direction/domain and get into any industry. In short, one could say business degrees are launching pads for numerous opportunities. After all, you can work as an analyst, finance manager, HR manager, and whatnot. 

Above all, the business industry is exploding. In addition to new investments, there are thousands of job openings every year. Thus, promising solid growth and earning potential. If you are still not sure about career options, have a look below. Here are eight lucrative careers that you can land with a business degree. 

1. Business Analyst 

Lately, the demand for business analysts has skyrocketed. Every business needs experts who can observe the market trends and give recommendations to improve. Business analysts require a mix of business sense, analytical thinking, and research skills. In addition, they should have excellent communication skills to present their findings. 

Most people can take up this role after a bachelor’s but should opt for a master’s program if they want an edge over other candidates. Perhaps, you can enroll in an online general MBA program with a business specialization. It will help brush up your critical and analytical thinking skills, allowing you to become a competent analyst.  

2. Management Analyst 

As a management analyst, you will help companies reduce costs and increase revenue. As part of day-to-day tasks, you will interview and observe on-site employee and equipment performance. In turn, you will recommend organizational changes and new procedures to improve administrative workflows. Besides this, you will also train workers in newly implemented strategies. For instance, if you propose switching to new software, you will have to be fully involved in the implementation process. This role is perfect for someone full of new ideas – who isn’t afraid of taking calculated risks. 

3. Marketing Manager 

The importance of marketing managers isn’t secret to anyone today. Every company wants competent marketers who can spread the word and engage customers. After all, marketing managers serve as the link between a company and its customers. Hence, you will find yourself crafting promotional messages for various media channels. Likewise, you have to build relationships with media outlets, test marketing campaigns, and improve your digital presence. 

If you wish to gain an edge, enroll yourself in digital marketing courses. People with the know-how of the digital landscape always get preference over other applicants. After all, the future of marketing is all about digitalization.  

4. Operations Research Analyst 

Are you a problem-solver? If so, leverage your critical thinking skills to help the organization run smoothly. Operations research analysts take raw data and convert it into actionable insights. That involves data mining, statistical analysis, and mathematical modeling. Hence, you will find yourself collecting and analyzing huge sets of data. Similarly, you will also have to test and validate models to ensure the data is getting converted with accuracy. The demand for these analysts is growing by 25%, demonstrating high market demand. 

5. Accounts Manager 

The primary role of the accounts manager is to build and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with clients. They actively communicate with clients to understand their needs and explore cross-selling opportunities. Account management roles are mostly a blend of sales and customer service. After all, you will be pushing additional business while maintaining the relationship with existing clients. You would only do well in this role if you are a people person with incredible skills. So, if this role sounds appealing to you, start brushing up on your communication and people’s skills now. 

6. Finance Manager 

If you like number-crunching and playing with data, you can become a finance manager. Besides handling all company-related numbers, you will be responsible for the organization’s overall financial health. In simple words, you will have to make financial statements and forecasts, direct investment activities, and create long-term financial goals. In addition, you will be assisting the management in all financial decisions. Since the job is challenging, it compensates the employees through lucrative wages. Hence, the median salary for a finance manager is $134,180. 

7. HR Specialist 

People with soft skills can become great HR specialists. They have to navigate hard situations with empathy and flexibility to gain employees’ trust. In addition, HR specialists have recruitment and hiring responsibilities. They publish ads whenever there is an opening, conduct interviews, and even process all the paperwork. Similarly, they manage compensation and benefits, address complaints, and provide training to the new employees. 

Even though job roles vary from company to company, these are the standard responsibilities of every HR employee. Therefore, consider stepping into the HR field if you can handle different situations and have an eye for talent. 

8. Sales Representative 

Are you an excellent communicator? People who can make eyes turn while they talk make excellent sales representatives. As a sales rep, you will be on the front line of selling a product or service. Hence, you will spend half of your time reaching out to prospects and another half fulfilling their needs. Most importantly, you have to listen to the customer’s pain points. In response, you will highlight how the company’s product or service can help. Additionally, you need a strong sense of drive and motivation since getting prospects every day isn’t a cakewalk. 

Final Thoughts 

Undeniably, business is a broad field, and finding a position that’s right for you can be arduous. Hence, think about the careers that align with your interest and personality. People who are good at communicating can take roles like sales rep or accounts manager. Likewise, someone with critical thinking skills can become an analyst. All you have to do is go through the job description and determine if it is the right pick for you.


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