For me, it reinforces the practice of permaculture and growing perennial crops that I can rely on year after year. Day Parking is available with “Day Tickets” and “Full 4 Day Festival Tickets”. A “Camping Ticket” allows you to park your Car or RV (your RV may require a ticket reservation for “Upper Camping”, there is limited space!) in either the Upper or Lower Camping fields. Throughout the years, I’ve married my love of farming with collecting unique artisan made goods to promote sustainable living.

My heart for our little shop is to inspire you to steward our beautiful Earth and live in community daily. All campers will need the $40 Volunteer camping ticket to camp. The Oldtone Roots Music festival, on a mission to preserve American Roots music and dance, features hand-picked artists dedicated to unique American traditions.

The LOWER GATE ENTRANCE is for Lower Camping and Overflow Day Parking Lots. The Main Gate will redirect you there if the Upper Lots are full. There is a footpath from the lower lots to the main festival area. As a Whisper Valley homeowner, you’ll conserve both natural and financial resources. The outstanding efficiency of our innovative EcoSmart Solution enables you to save money while you help save our planet. In place of a traditional HVAC system, Whisper Valley homes draw on a unique, community-wide GeoGrid™ which connects to each home via a geothermal heat pump.

You will find pigs and pasture raised chicken when in season as well. When we are not busy with all of that you will find us in our work shop doing upholstery and restoring wood furniture. good gym names Please feel free to stop by on the days we are open or call for an appointment. Whisper Valley taps the power of our planet as well as our sun to generate limitless renewable energy.

I love that I’ve come to rely on the knowledge that the first strawberries arrive in mid-May, followed by peonies around memorial weekend (they opened today!), followed by cherries in the orchard in the first week of June. By the 4th of July our raspberries and blackberries should be ready. I feel most connected to mv land this time of ear as I’ve come to learn its patterns.