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From the first moment I saw these dolls in the store, I was drawn to their sweet faces and interesting hair. Even with very strange facial proportions and huge, staring eyes, the girls manage to have a friendly, innocent charm that I find irresistible. A few weeks ago when I was on a research mission at Toys R Us, I walked through the Doc McStuffins selling madame alexander doll collection aisle–something I don’t always do. The new wave of Doc McStuffins dolls are smaller and have more character in their faces, and so I wanted to get a few pictures of them for the Photo Mission. I never actually got those pictures, though, because I was distracted halfway down the aisle by the appearance of a brand new type of doll.

I ran out to buy her two days later and love her more every day. There is just something precious about her. I now read your reviews before buying a doll and you have helped me save a lot of money.

The opening in the back is not quite large enough to slide easily over Posie’s shoulders and arms. This isn’t a big problem, but I think little kids would have an easier time if the dress opened all of the way down in back. Posie has a very small mouth with a faint smile. I am glad that Spin Master decided to leave the mouths closed on these dolls. Posie’s eyes mirror the shape of her head to some extent, but they’re more circular than oval. They remind me a little of the later Cutie Pops eyes–but with larger irises and simpler eyelashes.

Lavender may be a Charmer in Training, but this Potionista knows all about the sparkle in how to Sparkle Up using her magic potion wand. Expand the fun and collect Lavenders charmy best friends Hazel and Posie. Together, they can practice their magical spells!

Spin Master made toys including dolls, figurines, plushies and RPGs. Additionally, bedding was made by Baby Boom Consumer Products, cake decorations by Bakery Crafts Halloween costumes by Rubie’s Costume Company, and other products by Scholastic. I wish there were more normal-headed normal-eyed playline dolls for you to run across in your toy store jaunts. I love your reviews and wish the giant-head, alien-eye trend ends soon. In the television show, Hazel is actually the main character.

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$12.99 is a much more reasonable price–in fact, I think $10 would be ideal. I’m a Canadian Lifestyle Blogger and mom of two little princesses. Frugal Mom Eh is a family friendly lifestyle blog where I share everything from easy and delicious recipes to fun crafts that your whole family will enjoy. •The 3 Posie figurine has three points of articulation, including her head, arms, and waist for a seated pose. •Comes with Flare the dragon and Lavenders signature potion bottle wand.