This cute Halloween scene tells a whole story with just a few simple figures. Use three pumpkins to decorate your lawn with a bit of flair—er, scare. Add some assorted graveyard decor to take the spookiness up another notch.

Secure leaf mask to pumpkin using glue dots. To create eye sockets, etch slightly deeper holes. Flip each cap curved-side out and press into the sockets.

Wondering how long it takes to make a wood carving? This does depend on your level of skill, but a beginner typically takes around two or three hours to make a simple wood carving. This does depend on their level of skill and the intricacy of the carving though. These look really cool and they’re actually a lot simpler to make than they might first appear. All you need to do is focus and plan accordingly, and before you know it, you’ll have a full spiral tree to show off to your friends and family.

Some of us only want to decorate once per season, and this beautifully crafted pumpkin is another one that works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Carve a simple leaf design all over your pumpkin, then paint it a rustic white. This skinned jack-o’-lantern is a creative and easy way to carve a pumpkin everyone will be enchanted by.

Young House Love created this elaborate pumpkin by printing out an intricate damask pattern and then tracing it. Stencils will help you make those tough precision cuts. This clever design will gobble up any gourd — no matter the size — in its way.

Wizard carving is a perfect way to treat yourself some magic. I’m always trying to find positives of everything that happens, this is why I usually tend to make something funny out of wood, like this front porch sayings goblin. There are some carvers that carve only mushrooms. They find something special in mushroom carving. You can gift it to your loved ones on Saint Valentine’s Day or any other sharing love event.

Cut eyeholes in your pumpkin, and attach plastic eyeballs inside the sockets to give the face a spooky stare. Draw eyes, mouth, and scar on the pumpkin with a marker. Following the scar line, cut the pumpkin in half. Insert many half-toothpicks into the bottom part of the rind; replace the top part, pressing into the exposed toothpicks to hold the parts together. With a Lite-Brite (remember those?) as his inspiration, designer Paul Lowe punched holes in his pumpkin to create a crescent shape. Scraping off just the surface saves a ton of time when carving a pumpkin.

Carve out their cute expressions using free templates, and then attach hand-painted nuts for tiny ears and feet. Use an erasable wax pencil to mark off a pattern on your pumpkin, then use a medium drill bit to punch out your image. Deciding what kind of design you want to go for — spooky, classic, funny, or all of the above. Grab your craft knife and start carving the wickedest witch these kids will ever see — at least in pumpkin form. It may look elaborate, but this polka-dot pattern is fairly easy.