You¡¯ll still have to grind, but not nearly as much as you did from 1-60. But again, I warn you, it will be crowded at launch. A lot of my guildmates shyanne distribution have asked to form static groups. In other words, they want to have 4 of them and I in the same 5 man group for instances while we level to 70.

Pooling at this time effectively gives you more energy to spend on the next iteration of your cycle. This is useful particularly for combat rogues because most cycles count on Combat Potency to provide a certain amount of extra energy per cycle. In the event that you have bad luck on Combat Potency procs during your cycle, the energy you pooled before your Slice helps you complete the cycle without letting Slice drop. A common mistake made by novice rogues is not putting cooldown-based abilities to regular use. Offensive cooldowns, in particular, should be used at every available opportunity. If you are in combat, there is no reason to have any offensive ability off cooldown unless you know you would be fighting a boss before it cooled down.

I¡¯m not saying this because I¡¯m irritated with any factor of this because I simply am not. I¡¯m just trying to save you folks some time and gold. I realize that my personal leveling strategy will keep me from killing mobs 3-5 levels below me, but I will do what I must to stay ahead of the curve. Hopefully by the time I get to 67, I will be far enough ahead where I can kill stuff 3-5 levels below me. What I won¡¯t do is try to go into zones where mobs are 2+ levels above me. Once I get to my first town I will head straight to Hellfire Citadel with 4 of my guildmates who are ready to lay waste to stuff for the next 12 hours straight.

A combo point cycle is typically given in the form “5s/5r,” this example indicating that you generate 5 combo points, use Slice and Dice, generate 5 more combo points, use Rupture, and repeat. An ‘e’ represents Eviscerate and an ‘a’ represents Expose Armor. Note that all combo point cycles are guidelines, not hard and fast rules.

With Precision and stacked hit rating, as long as you are behind a target, your finishers cannot miss or be dodged which means they will always connect. Currently, Mongoose is considered to be the only viable permanent weapon enchant for both main hand and off hand weapons for nearly all gear levels. Executioner is also a strong enchant, and eventually does out-scale Mongoose by a very slight amount towards the end of Sunwell.

Due to limited itemization, physical DPS stats on the weapon are not usually an important consideration. Between the other three weapon types, the DPS differences are minimal enough that you need not feel constrained to a particular one. Some more questions I am scanning over this one more time before I start to grind up my little rogue and looking over your weapons most of them seem to be stat heavy on str or str stam.

Don¡¯t waste an hour looking for a druid to buff you, but use every advantage that you can. Don¡¯t ever leave town without at least 40 instant poison. Easy for me to say, right I got to enjoy every single quest and really got to enjoy the immersion. I realize that this doesn¡¯t make sense for many of you.

A dagger for example can have very high DPS but very low MIN-MAX damage, which is why daggers are bad for this build. Because of the packs u may get, I suggest not going here til the stated lvls, instead of when ur the same lvl as the mobs which would usually be my suggested lvl range to grind them. Also the warlords call for help when they get low, attracting other ogres that are near. I don’t have room to write very much, so I’ll write the talents I find best for grinding, in the order I suggest taking them.

You won’t be able to cut out all of your travel time, but you can lessen it by using your hearthstone to return to the innkeeper at a quest hub or town and cut out your return journey entirely. Grouping up with friends or guildies while doing quests can cut down on the time spent on each. And while the experience gained from enemies will be less while in a group, the quest rewards remain the same for each player. You do gain a small bonus when killing mobs as a group, to slightly offset the fact that you’re in a group.