Baking soda is believed to help clean the scalp and eliminate dandruff flakes. Although it seems strange one of the causes of our cat having dandruff is because of overweight. If your pet is obese you should look at the area at the base of the tail and the lower part of the spine.

Fenugreek has immense soothing properties and is also anti-fungal in nature thus helping against skin rashes, irritation or dry skin. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and use this water to rinse your cat while bathing it or just soak the affected areas for a while. Increasing the frequency of your cats grooming routine, ensuring they are eating a healthy diet and are hydrated can make a huge difference in the condition of their skin. By implementing the above advice you’ll be cuddling again in no time. There’s a type of mite called Cheyletiella that’s sometimes referred to as “walking dandruff” due to its appearance and the flaking skin it causes. When treating for external parasites don’t forget to clean all bedding and to treat other pets in your home too.

Our mission at Pet Keen is to make the life of you and your pets easier and even more enjoyable. With up-to-date information from our experts how to avoid chafing at the beach and veterinarians. Things minor to us can seem very serious to our cats, especially since we can’t just explain what’s going on.

Since cat dandruff is usually not a serious condition, it makes sense to research how to treat it naturally at home. However, dandruff can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious condition in cats, such as an allergic reaction, dehydration, diabetes, or parasites like mites, fleas, and worms. This is one of the most effective ways to cure cat dandruff at home. Get a cat shampoo that has been designed for use on dry skin. You don’t have to bathe your cat daily, but you can do it occasionally. This will help in removing any dead skin and also moisturize the skin.

Cat dandruff can be extremely uncomfortable and irritable to your pets and can also affect people around them who are sensitive or allergic to cat fur or hair. Either switch their diet to a high-quality pet food or supplement their diet with oil-based dog supplements or cat supplements. Oils containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish oil, are excellent for skin health. If your cat is averse to bathing or if you do not want to risk getting bit and scratched, you can just brush your pet’s coat regularly. Brushing helps remove dandruff flakes while stimulating the proper flow of blood. With optimal blood flow, your cat’s skin can regain its former health.