As a fantasy buff or fiction enthusiast, chances are you find druid names fascinating. According to Nora K. Chadwick’s novel of the same name, the Druids were Celtic religious leaders who meddled with the crafts of magic, meditation, and mysticism . Gender-Neutral Druid Names From Myths And LegendsLooking for druid names inspired by mythical legends?

It has been derived from mythological figures. A very rare-sounding name, it definitely seems like a name out of a fantasy book. If you think your little boy is born to be one, then this short yet powerful name is the ideal harry potter rosier one. A young druid from the royal city of Camelot, Daegal was known to be brave and selfless in Arthurian lore. He sacrificed himself to save the kind and the name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “dweller by the lake”.

It is popular in Italy and very popular among gypsy communities. Gypsies were known to practice the druidic arts and sorcery and the name means “dawn” in Latin. Aria, a name of Gaelic origin, it has a pleasant tone to it. Short and sweet, it means “music” or “song.” A very common name across Europe, it is a very popular name among druids for women. The name Gilmac is of Gaelic origin and means “stronghold.” Gilmac was a member of the Fianna, the druid army and followed Fionn mac Cumhall, the legendary hero. Of Welsh origin, one of the old Druid names, it means immortal.

However, their choice of weaponry and armory were limited. Additionally, they could cast spells more than a magic-user and were faster in speed than clerics. They could also use both attack and healing spells.

Sloane is a popular protagonist in the book series and a warrior. The name means “little raider” and is of Gaelic ancestry. A very integral part of Druidic lore, Sloane sounds easy yet fierce. The name sounds male but Birog was a druidess known for her kindness. Considered part human and spirit, Boirag guides the king in making the right decisions for the future and the betterment of the kingdom. A name belonging to the gypsy ancestry, it means “strong” and “large”.

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In fact, the surnames here reflect three core professions—Judge, Bard, Physician. Names like Hickey mean Healer, and Ward comes from Son of the Bard, so it makes sense to use ties like this. Raised as a member of the aristocracy, Elizira always felt out of place. She had a good home and a loving family, but there was something more that called to her. Every day, she swore she heard the forest calling her name. It was only when she followed the voice and stepped past the treeline that she realized Druidism was her path.