If you are trying to stay safe from the ongoing pandemic while you’re in public, then wearing a mask is your best choice. Along with being vaccinated from one of the approved vaccines. such as the Johnson & Johnson or the Pfizer shot, you also should consider still taking precautionary measures and following social distancing rules until the pandemic subsides. But what type of mask should you wear? How should you socially distance yourself when people are gathering in crowded places? 

If you find that you are still worried about the Covid-19 pandemic and you are concerned about the upcoming flu season creeping up upon us in the wintertime, consider wearing a breathable face mask. By using a face mask that can help filter out particles and still keep you safe and others safe, you need to choose between a cloth mask, homemade mask, N95 mask, or KN95 mask. Which is best for everyday social use? 

We recommend using the N95 mask – this mask is a high-end option that is almost as good as the medical-grade KN95 masks. By using the N95 mask, you can reduce the risk of being exposed to any airborne particles that can get in your mouth or putting anyone else at risk if you test positive with the virus. Reach out to Source Ortho to buy online N95 mask.

Let’s keep a few things in mind when you are wearing your N95 mask in public, such as how to wear it safely, how to protect yourself and others, and mistakes to avoid. 

  • Putting it on correctly – The first thing that you need to keep in mind when you purchase your N95 mask and wear it in public is to learn how to put it on correctly. Make sure you put it on the right way up and you put the straps over your ears. One of the biggest concerns, when people wear masks, is that it does not cover their nose – ensure the mask comes from both your mouth and nose so you can protect any particles from getting into or out of your mask and spreading into the rest of the air.
  • Socially distancing helps too – If you are still concerned about the pandemic when you’re around others, then consider supplementing your N95 mask in public with social distancing. This may mean staying away from others, gathering only in small groups, and avoiding being in contact with those who have not been vaccinated.
  • Encourage others to wear masks – If your friends or family do not want to wear masks in public, consider getting them an N95 mask so they can feel good about being safe around more vulnerable people.
  • Avoid touching it with your hands – Try not to touch the N95 mask with your hands while you’re in public, as this can make it dirty.
  • Do not re-wear too many times – The last thing to keep in mind when wearing your N95 mask in public is to avoid wearing it too many times and causing it to deteriorate over time.


To stay safe in the waning months of this pandemic, we still need to follow certain health protocols. Consider still wearing your N95 masking public to avoid spreading the disease and causing a risk to others!


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