In the process of generating new creatures that don’t exist yet, she offers a perspective on how similar human creativity works. The creator, in this case, would be the algorithm itself, but with a human artist as its muse. But trust me on this, that to describe a hungry pug, cute is an understatement. If you need to implant humor in your paintings, this is also a great start. These are the popular ones but be a bit careful while you are doing the intricate things like the fur, the pair of eyes, noses, and the overall personality. However, for this, you are saved from worrying about how to blend with a complex background, or about the proportion.

It keeps your mind occupied and gets you concentrating on something meaningful and creative. Sometimes we all just need to draw something quick and easy, because perhaps you’re taking a work break or you’re just passing the time on a long road trip. Puff Pass and Paint was one of the first marijuana-infused art classes and it is one of the most fun things to do while high with friends. Making abstract geometric art is pretty easy, as you’re about to learn from this tutorial. The process itself is very simple and it requires a minimal investment.

Enter a text prompt, pick a style and watch the app create AI-generated artwork in seconds. Digital art, computer art, or new media art refers to art made using software, computers, or other electronic devices. Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process.

I find that using foam brushes help the most with getting the best coverage over stencils, but you can experiment with a number of different brushes and techniques. Let the water droplets sit for about 3-5 minutes, and then use a dry paper towel to carefully dab the places where the water was splattered. The variety of blues, yellows, reds, and whites create movement and energy throughout the painting. Working on a smaller canvas can be a wonderful way to practice your detail skills. This course walks you through just how to create these mini masterpieces.

It explains simple watercolor methods that you can apply to other paintings as well. We recommend purchasing a watercolor pad and practicing several cactus before you commit to a painting. You can begin your journey to trippy doodling with this simple tutorial. Maybe the trippy mushroom doodles below will get you inspired. If you end up with a really cool design you might even consider creating your own trippy mushroom wallpaper!

Make your photograph or art look like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Algorithmic art and generative artwork can create pieces at a speed that wouldn’t be possible manually. Like a paintbrush, spellcheck, or photoshop, an AI art generator app is just another tool to add to the artists’ toolkit. Yes, this time also we have another cutie adorning the list of names. Also, even we started with the word ‘Easter’, you can draw this one all year round. It’s a simple one, where the large ears, long white teeth, and the broad eyes of the bunny take the center stage.

It involves filling in numbered sections with the correct colors, building up a painting that reflects your own personal style. This process can help develop self confidence as you learn how to match colors and create new pictures. Lil Blue BooThis painting tutorial might seem advanced, but it’s easy to master with a little practice.

That includes from the woven basket to the girl’s hair, and of course the dynamic waves. Not everyone is a talented artist, geez that would be great if we were. But with practice and easy instructions to follow, we can all create our own little masterpieces we can be proud of. If you are on Tik Tok you would have seen how huge glass painting is at the moment, especially Anime Glass Painting Art.

I’ll be honest – using vinyl as a stencil is one of the easiest ways to paint a canvas. You’ll have fun with the brushstrokes on the edges of this project. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to paint clouds without a single trippy contacts paintbrush! This fool-proof technique uses cotton swabs and is relaxing to paint. Learn how to create a simple, easy-to-paint bird’s nest and egg! The background looks complicated but guess what – it’s Mod Podged.