I made a pretty good copy of the K2 crown and made a full-size pattern in a printable file so I could print out a copy anytime I liked and trace the pattern onto the plywood side covers. (Note that on day 4 I added a skim coat of slurry – see Step 1.5.). The sheets of bird wire were cut to about 12″ squares and slightly overlapped. If we’d used a full sized sheet it would have been too hard to achieve the dome shape. In order to cover the top of the head with hypertufa I had to make something to hold it in place until it cured . I placed the ‘cross’ inside the head side-frames and then I dropped the four diagonal-section piecesinto each quarter, running from center to corner.

The Henley box was awarded to mark the over one hundred Olympic medal winning rowers who have trained at the town’s Leander Club. Although athletes from Northern Ireland are eligible to compete for both Great Britain and Ireland , there were no GB gold medallists from Northern Ireland. They were an instant success, despite some obvious problems with rainwater ingress. One Vaudin box still stands in Union Street, Saint Peter Port, Guernsey whilst another is in the British Postal Museum & Archive collection in London.

Whether you prepare your eyes or not, one of the most important eyeshadow techniques is to use a base shadow all around your eyelid. The base color should be similar to your natural skin tone. Apply it on your eyelid and up to your wrinkle with a thickly pressed level eyeshadow mixing brush.

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I like to build things out of wood and I found your website with great projects. I have read and re-read your wonderful plans for the English Phone Booth, Les, and thanked you a thousand times for handing me the dimensions and build ideas. I started building a K6 model about six years ago but never finished it. You have rekindled my desire to build another and this time maybe finish it. I will follow your progress with interest, and when you have the final plans online, I will more than likely have another go. This is my humble opinion and it is just that….an opinion!

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I joined the rest of the muntin bars required to make up a complete grid. I marked around the inside of the frames 10mm up from the bottom. I lay one of the door/window units flat on a working platform.

Around 5,000 red telephone boxes are left out of the 31,000-some total number of payphones in Great Britain. When it comes to post boxes, there are two main factors which distinguish them from each other – their design and the royal cypher . The roadside post box has existed since the reign of Queen Victoria, with every subsequent monarch’s cypher being immortalised on the front. Despite his short time as head of state, there are 171 boxes with his cypher nationally, some of which are in London. Several of the official gold post boxes were subsequently vandalised. These included the ones for triathlete Alistair Brownlee, rower Kat Copeland, swimmer Josef Craig, heptathlete Jessica Ennis, and tennis player Andy Murray.

The photo shows the difference in height between the K6 and K2 telephone kiosks. That is Jacqui, one of my daughters, holding her dog Polly, in the K2 phone box. There is a very early make of phone box in the Trinity Market, at the start of KCOM’s phone box trail, which is a hybrid of a K1 and K2 designs and still pink suit for wedding has the original green and cream livery. The same kiosks were installed in Hull but in keeping with its contrary nature, the phone boxes were going to be a little different. They have become an iconic symbol of Hull’s independence but exactly how Hull ended up with cream phone boxes is shrouded in mystery.

Not only was this box widely used in London and elsewhere, but they were also exported to Ireland, India, British Guyana, Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay. During the war the Post Office agreed with the Home Office that Local Authorities could, where they desired, paint the caps of pillar boxes with yellowish green, gas detector paint. It was thought that this would enable Air Raid Wardens to detect the presence of gas in the event of enemy raids.