This cute cut flaunts eggplant purple in the front and sapphire blue in the back. Looking for something a little more avant-garde? Show off your edgy side with this two-tone hairstyle—half black, half purple. You can never go wrong with long, purple braids, as seen on actress Regina King.

Thus, pre-bleaching is something inevitable if you go for dye, not for alternative hair coloring techniques. If your skin has a warm undertone like olive or yellow, go for warmer blue and purple hues. And in case you have a cool undertone, it’s better to choose dye in cool shades of purple and blue. The lighter, brighter and bolder you want your color to be, the whiter your hair will need to be to start with.

And if you aren’t ready to fully commit to a color change like this, try it out with a temporary dye instead. Something about this contrast between deep brunette and pastel blue is so satisfying. The beauty of ombre hair is it can work well with almost all lengths, gradually transitioning from dark to light for that sun-kissed look.

We’re talking dark roots that give way to fiery red strands. First things first, if you have fair skin, every Burgundy color will look great on you. Just like blonde, blues and all the other quirky colors out there. Our custom conditioner can include the ingredients you need to support your hair’s overall health. If you are trying to remove a darker color, and your hair feels damaged, let us know.

Note the way the color blends into her natural shade toward the roots and cascades into blue tips. It creates a more seamless effect if you’re not into the idea of a severe ombré. While we love a dusty, subtle blue, we’ll always have a soft spot for bold, pigmented styles like this one, with an aqua-to-sapphire ombré. For hair with this much dye, health will be crucial.

Pastel colors, as well as mettalics, have rocked the beauty industry in every sphere, and of course, hair is not the exception. A pastel blue shade looks super fresh, especially when combined with a light purple. Use any technique you like, highlighting the ends or balayage.

If you think you can’t achieve bright blue ombre hair on the black base, think again. In fact, this is actually a transformation from a light copper and red style. Going darker can make damaged hair look more vibrant and healthier. This brown and blue blowouts for short hair hair features almost a straight line between the two colors. The sharp change of color lends particularly well to certain hairstyles, as we see here. The topknot is in the spotlight thanks to the bright cobalt strands against the dark brown roots.

For silver and blonde shades, you’ll want to keep any brassy tones in check by using a purple shampoo to balance out the pigments. This blue ombré is mermaid hair if I ever saw it, and I’m absolutely here for it. To recreate this color, choose a few shades of blue to get that soft transition from royal blue to silver-y mint.

Now, it’s time to get the most of blue and purple colors. Since you can always adjust the intensiveness of the color you want to play with, you can reveal the vivid side of the trendy combination. To make each vibrant shade stand out, apply the shades through ombre, placing blue to the top portion and purple to the bottom. Don’t forget to experiment with different hues of each shade to make the color combo dimensional and dynamic.

Feeling Blue, Bright blue roots with purple ends. Depending on the severity of the green tones, this process may have to be done more than once as it doesn’t happen overnight. We recommend always doing a strand test before you dye your hair completely to check that the colour works. OK, when it comes to GETTING RID of green hair, life gets tricky. The shade that is a testament to your experimental nature and your willingness to step out of the box.