As a sign of respect, males over the age of 30 may be addressed as “pah-pah” while women of the same age may be called “mah-mee”. People over the age of 50 may be referred to as “nah-nah”. Traditional or native greetings vary among the various ethnic groups. There are over 100 ethnic groups living in Ghana.

The most outstanding are the Kwahu Scarp in the south and the Gambaga Scarp in the north. Nkrumah quickly laid the groundwork for fiscal independence within the new country as well, embarking on many economic development projects. Unfortunately, decades of corruption, mismanagement, and military rule stymied growth and achievement. By the 1990s, though, the country’s state of affairs began showing signs of improvement, and Ghana is now held up as an example of successful economic recovery and political reform in Africa. Ghana, country of western Africa, situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Using role play activities help in Language learning hope you don’t know ?

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Your guide will never ask you for anything, but throwing away just a piece of paper that has a blank side would be a painful sight for him to see. (Notice how small the rubbish cans are in homes and hotels.) Feel free to offer anything that has no value puerto rico nudist resort to you to any person anywhere. Our #1 priority right now is to work together with City Hearts Ghana & IJM to cover the lease of a housing development in Ghana to operate as our Safe Shelter.. You can find out more about the Twi language here.

People may hug themselves if they know one another well. Akan is a dialect continuum that includes Twi, Fante, and Wasa. Glottolog makes basically the same analysis, with the exception that the Akan dialect continuum is labeled “Akanic”.

In 1978 the AOC established a common orthography for all of Akan, which is used as the medium of instruction in primary school. The Akan language is recognized for literacy, from at least the lower primary level (primary 1–3). Akan can create plural nouns by adding the suffix nom to the original word. Examples include; agya to agyanom , nana (grandparent/grandchild) to nananom (grandparents/grandchildren), nua to nuanom , yere to yerenom .

Always greet people first when you enter an area. When a large area or group or even a waiting room, a wave and a greeting is acceptable. Otherwise, you may wonder why people are just looking at you when you enter a room. They are waiting for you to offer a greeting, which will be received with a big smile and a warm reply.