But I figured now that I’m an adult, I’m fully capable of handling this. So I’m sharing the 5 simple tips to creating beautiful balayage on anyone’s head. Brunette, blonde, thick or fine, no matter who sits in your chair, using this technique will get you amazing results. Apply your lightener just as you did on the first section.

Pull down one section at a time, repeating Step 5. This is not an exact science, and applying the dye by hand adds to the ‘natural’ look of balayage. Purple Shampoo, if you prefer your color on the cooler side, purple shampoo is a must. Jump in the shower when your color starts looking curology hair too warm or brassy, and the violet pigment will bring your hair back to a wonderful ashy tone. Naturally, like everyone during the summer, I decided to bleach my hair. I watched countless “How To Bleach Hair At Home” and “How To Bleach Afro Curly Hair At Home” videos on YouTube.

After teasing the beginning point of the hair roots, start applying the hair color at the ends of each section. Color them completely and then apply color again from the mid-length of the section down to the ends. Again, you don’t need to stress about the accuracy of your strokes. You just need to recall a bit of the watercolor lessons you had when you were a kid. This is all you require to hand-paint your hair and produce the subtle highlights that you want. It doesn’t even mandate that you color your hair at the roots.

Use the tail end of the comb to create top, middle, and bottom sections separated out in a halo-esque part around the head, from ear to ear. Anyone can do this, even if you don’t have professional experience in coloring hair. Start by sectioning your tresses into equal parts. For this tutorial, we parted hair in four smaller sections, but you can take a larger section for more dramatic effect. The beauty of balayage and ombré is that you can go from super-subtle to major definition, depending on your personality. Protect your hair line and cover it with Vaseline before you start the application.

If you aren’t a stylist, finding these things may be a little tricky. So again, just a fair warning you’re likely safer going to a stylist. Part hair evenly down the center of your head, and use a sectioning clip to secure the right side. Follow the instructions on the box to prep the hair dye. Rinse out the first section when hair is ready but wait to shampoo your entire head until the other section’s timer has gone off.

Then the lighter hair color is then applied to the tips of the hair. Subtlety is what the balayage has that ombre doesn’t. If you have very dark hair, you may need to bleach it before attempting to dye it blonde. Otherwise, your hair may not appear as light as you want.

Pull your hair taut and use the end of your tail comb toweave evenly in and out of the hair. Starting at or slightly behind your ears, separate your hair into ‘front’ and ‘back’ sections up to the crown. Twist the ‘front’ section into a bun, up and out of your face, and secure with elastic. You’ll be working first on the ‘back’ section of your hair. Limit yourself to one or two box-dye sessions between proper, professional treatments.