As a result, if you are wondering how many words is 5 pages double spaced, the answer to that would be somewhere around 1250. What happens when you get a bigger character count? Let’s say that your professor says that you have to create an essay featuring characters. This character count would mean that you would have somewhere around 4480 words on a page – or 10 pages formatted in a single space manner.

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There’s no general guideline for how many words or pages an essay should have. This depends mostly on the preference of the professor. Typically, college papers and essays use the fonts Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana – with average formatting of 12 points and one inch on every side of the paper. Typically, papers are also double-spaced, although some professors might ask for single spacing instead.

Get the customized strategy and guidance you need to help achieve your goals. This gives you the time to take your first pass, set your draft aside , review what you’ve written, and re-work your draft. Allow yourself 6 months of writing and revision to get your essay in submission-ready shape. Even a quarter of an inch would do, as it would push more words on the previous pages and help you move everything on only those three pages.

Communicative characteristics of Male/female A constructionist point of view takes gender as a radical challenge to the question of whether women and men use language in different ways. A common assumption that upholds many questions of ‘gender difference’ in speech is simply intricated in everyday speech. Introduction Climate change refers to the long term alteration in the statistical properties of the weather patterns within a specific region, or even globally. Some of these changes would include temperatures, precipitation, and cloud cover, among others. Contributed factors to climatic change are classified into two main categories; natural and…

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If there is – and if you have broken down your text into multiple paragraphs – then you may only have somewhere around 21 lines in the text. Most of all, it depends on the type of text that you are using, the margin spacing, and a variety of other factors. Longer essays in a different font will have a different word count – which is why professors have a preset style for you to use. So if you’re wondering how many words should a college essay be, you should take the above-mentioned aspects in mind along with the requirements of your professor.

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