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You can also stay in the loop and follow us on FacebookandPinterest. Anyway, I’ve been in the meme business for a long time now, and I don’t take this lightly, so I can confirm that the science-related memes are the best memes. But who says we can’t have both, the scientific truth and a good laugh?

Scientific inquiry, according to Elgin, requires collaboration. Any project, in fields ranging from astrophysics to microbiology, requires a team of scientists working together to garner results. This collaboration requires trust. In order to be confident in their findings, scientists need to be able to trust both their teams and the researchers whose work they have studied. Just look at ‘Science Memes.’ While this online community with 207,000 members isn’t the biggest on the platform, it provides a much-needed supply of jokes for the geeks inside of us. If there’s one axiom about the internet, it’s that if a thing exists, you’d better believe there’s a subreddit that has at least a few dozen funny memes about it.

The scientific spin on popular memes is, of course, no substitute for actually studying these subjects, but it might make you feel smarter, especially if you’re fluent in geek. Elgin says that the process of learning science reinforces these attributes. Chemistry majors cannot become chemists — and high schoolers cannot pass their chemistry labs — if, as students, they do not work together, double–check their assignments, and remain honest in their reports. But one might question why bother with such difficult subjects in the first place. He says classes can vary hugely in terms of students’ prior knowledge, experiences, and interest in the subject.

And while that may be true in some cases, the reality is that scientific community is pretty laid back – and has a great sense of humor too. But don’t just take my word for it – just take a look at the collection of memes shared in the Science Memes subreddit, and I’m sure you’ll be convinced. These interrelated characteristics of science education — the process of discovery and the collaboration on trustworthy results — are not mutually exclusive. Pereira thinks that science teachers should encourage their students to look at scientific advancements through an ethical lens, looking for patterns and asking questions about scientific developments. Science teachers should help students think critically about current technologies made possible by science, and reflect on whether future technologies will be morally acceptable.

By the time they reach high school, many students are already wary of science, thinking the material is boring and useless, or that they themselves are too dumb to learn it. And building an understanding of science depends on acquiring a new and complicated vocabulary, which can be odious to teach and to learn. HGSE Lecturer Victor Pereira, who taught high school science for more than a decade before becoming the master teacher in residence in the new Harvard Teacher Fellows Program, knows the challenges firsthand. Although I find the concept of doing this with animal cells to be interesting. Lab grown meat with no sense of pain.