For the best outcome, use high-quality, fresh tomatoes and a thick bread that can hold up all the ingredients. Topped with garlicky mayo and spicy tomato sauce, this side dish will disappear fast before your eyes. Just don’t forget the tomato sauce and cheese on top for a classic flavor combination.

The soft and fluffy rice is prepared from long-grain rice that is cooked with aromatics and with a yellow coloring agent like turmeric or saffron. Ensalada de Arroz, or the Spanish Rice Salad, is a filling side dish that has a lot of flavors to offer. Simply put, this marinated carrot recipe asks for the carrots to be boiled takuache hats with names and then marinated with garlic and spices in sherry vinegar. It has a deep, intense flavor scheme created by the beautiful medley of all the natural flavors plus the olive oil. With a dash of sherry vinegar, Spanish olives, cracked pepper, and some salt— this soup will become your ultimate go-to for the winters.

Finally, you can transfer the vegetable into the sauce. Depending on what version you eat, you will experience different consistency. For the unblended version, the vegetables are still fresh and crunchy. For the blended version, the soup is light, perfect for increasing your appetite.

It’s made from onions, garlic, peppers, potatoes, aubergine, and zucchini, which are fried in olive oil. These are layered in a baking dish, topped with tomato sauce and cheese, and then baked. However, traditionally the vegetables are cooked separately in olive oil before being mixed. This wrinkled potato recipe uses only two ingredients to produce a flavor-packed side dish that’ll become a regular feature in your weekly meals. To make, boil small potatoes in water with lots of coarse salt so that the potatoes are cooked with a thin layer of salt and wrinkly skin. Escalivada is made from a variety of vegetables, including eggplants, bell peppers, and onions.

When being cooked, the peppers will become piquant, sweet, and slightly nutty. For a time-saving treat, you will rub the garlic and the cut side of tomato over toasted bread. Next, top it with some salt and olive oil for serving. For those who are big fans of cheese, I’m sure this recipe will not make you disappointed! The Almogrote recipe has a rich taste of goat’s cheese, garlicky flavor, and a slight spiciness from dried Choricero pepper. The veggies like tomatoes, stalks, peppers, onions, and others will be pulsed into chunks with a food processor.

Patatas a lo pobre used to be a dish consumed by peasants during the famine times in Spain. Experiencing authentic Spanish cuisine is more than just eating paella.

The drained lentil, chopped veggies, herbs, and spices will be simmered in a seasoned soup mixture that is thickened with some flour. This tasty combination is accentuated by chorizo’s alluring nature. If you like a more hearty soup, you can cook it with vegetable, chicken, or beef stock instead of water.

Mix with lemon juice for a zesty bite and warm spices for an extra kick. Small potatoes are cleaned and boiled in saltwater, resulting in lightly salted taters with wrinkly skins. Cook the vegetables separately to bring out their natural flavors. Now, this recipe is one of the most popular in Andalusia, creating a delicious vegan dish that everyone loves. Please leave a rating as it helps other readers to discover this dish. Name and email are required to avoid spam comments and are never used for any purpose or shared with third parties.

Cook over medium heat for minutes, until well softened. Then, add the garlic, tomatoes, salt and sugar or honey and cook for 10 minutes covered with a lid, stirring a couple of times. In the meantime, dice the zucchini and set them aside.