I knew that LimeLife was launching the Eye Believe eye cream in August so I wondered, “Would I get one? But, that is 100% OK because I am thrilled with what I did get. The April Amazebox included a full size Green Smoothie anti-aging face cream, one Glowing Green exfoliating toner pad, and a mini enduring eye liner. This anti-aging face cream firms skin and is a natural alternative to retinol for fighting wrinkles. Get smooth, toned skin with Green Smoothie and the perfect complement to this cream are Glowing Green exfoliating toner pads.

It packs smaller than previous models, while still packing completely flat. A magnetic locking system means that setup happens in seconds! Lastly, it looks like an ordinary brown cardboard box, not a specialty soccerpro reviews prop. New LimeLife Perfect Lipstick colors and special lip bundles. For pictures of the Amazebox per month please scroll down. The pictures are in chronological order so the current month is down at the bottom.

And if you get too much sun, or your just need a refreshing finish to your day, top it off with LimeLife’s After-Glow sun gel. And when you need makeup that will stay on ALL DAY, there’s no better choice than LimeLife’s Making Waves Waterproof Mascara. The other thing to think about when you’re thinking about a project is whether or not it will be sustainable. In the case of the new project, it’s obvious that it will be. I’ve never been a big fan of the “walls only” mentality of new home construction.

The Brighter Together Holiday Collections will include a FREE Limited-Edition canvas makeup bag. They’re gift-wrapped for a stress-free season and a gorgeous presentation. One of our main goals at LimeLife is to empower others globally through ourBrighter Together Foundation. This year, we’re launching a new initiative for Brighter Together called 4-Day Flash Sale. For the first four days of every month, we’ll be offering one of our most popular products with a 20% discount and a portion of proceeds donated.

My self proclaimed name for the April Amazebox is “summer fun”. Everything in this month’s box is all about getting ready for summer. This body scrub is my favorite way to shave my legs. LimeLife has faced accusations of predatory practices in the past.

Sotoks brightening serum is ideal for all skin types. This serum reduces the signs of aging, while tightening and brightening skin for a more youthful complexion. This month’s subscription included LimeLife’s Eye Arise eye serum, a mini Enduring Lip Gloss, plus a sample of the Green Smoothie anti-aging face cream.

Stress is NOT the way to go about the holidays, friends. Avoid the crowds when you can, and keep a good attitude wherever you go. Saying I’m excited for the LimeLife by Alcone’s Holiday 2021 Gifts is an understatement. New posts Monday-Friday, the first three weeks of every month. You then say that you don’t usually explain how a trick is done – but you will in this case since the secret is so much fun. The promise of the New Year is exciting, engaging and exhilarating.